Movie Fans Raise Over $90,000 To Fund Brain Surgery For Injured Stuntwoman


Movie fans have donated more than $91,000 and counting to pay for a stuntwoman’s emergency brain surgery after she sustained a head injury while on set.

World renowned stuntwoman Dayna Grant, who’s worked on Mad Max, Wonder Woman, Xena: Warrior Princess and more, recently sustained a head injury while on set filming an upcoming series.

The MRI scans revealed an 8mm aneurysm and upper spinal injuries.

Surgeons recommended immediate surgery, but New Zealand’s public health system has a minimum four month waiting list. ACC has also fought to say that it’s not covered under insurance.

So, a crowdfunding campaign was launched to cover Grant’s private surgery.

“Help me help our dear friend, Xena Stuntwoman, [Dayna Grant] get emergency brain surgery after head injury on set for an upcoming project,” actress Lucy Lawless wrote on Twitter. “She has made actresses look cool on horseback and fighting… For every ‘Xena’ fan or ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ fan who donates, I will match you dollar for dollar till we get the job done. This woman deserves all the love.”

Grant said she is “absolutely speechless” and “so moved” by all the love and support from all over the globe.

Grant will now be able to receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other modalities post-op that will expedite her healing and greatly reduce the stress of not being physically able to work for 6 months after surgery.