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6 Red Flags You are Hiring a Wrong SEO Agency

6 Red Flags You are Hiring a Wrong SEO Agency

An SEO agency is a business enterprise seeking to make a profit. Did you get that? If not, reread it. Ideally, the SEO agency you hired should be your business partner. That means that your company will be leveraging on the huge traffic the SEO agency is generating to make sales or fulfill the organization’s intent

On the contrary, for most SEO agencies, it’s a business. And, it’s all about the profits. 

Your business is already on a sinking ship when you are with the wrong agency. Aside from the fact that you won’t get the correct result you paid for, poor seo services can damage business beyond normal. Indeed, allowing your website to rank organically on search engines is better than hiring the wrong SEO agency to wreck it. 

Nobody wants to spend money on wasteful partnerships, but it happens. From experience, we have seen many businesses collapsing because of bad SEO campaigns. When SEO gets wrong, there’s little to what you can do to get things right. In that instance, you can only end the contract and get a more experienced agency to correct all the wrongs. 

Meanwhile, it can be challenging to identify the wrong SEO agency from the start, as everyone wants to do everything to win a contract. Yet, their specific ways you can spot the wrong SEO agency even before you deal as partners. 

Are you ready to make some discoveries? Let’s the list one by one.

6 Warnings to Watch Out For Before Hiring an SEO Agency

1. Frequent use of buzzwords or marketing jargon 

Have you seen a medical doctor talking? It’s not hard to know. Why? They would not say a line without using jargon that confirms they have been well integrated into their field of practice. What is the moral lesson? An experienced SEO agency must communicate like an expert. 

When speaking with an agency’s representative, they must be able to answer your questions more professionally using some metaphorical lines. They must be very conversant with marketing jargon, platitudes, or buzzwords.

Suppose the agency’s spokesperson is talking like an amateur or sounding clueless. In that case, it’s a red flag that the entire agency doesn’t know what they are doing. Remember, the person speaking for the agency represents the brand. If they are clueless, then the agency is incompetent. 

2. Ask for the report of their previous or present SEO campaigns 

If an SEO agency cannot show the report of what they have been doing, it isn’t worth it. It could only be that they are not confident enough to show the pathway they follow to get their jobs done. 

You can’t afford to hire an SEO agency that uses shady methods to rank your website on search engines and keep it floating. No matter their gimmicks, they will damage your business in the long run.

They may be using free spammed backlinks to other websites. Worse still, they might be using some illegal links from sketchy websites that major search engines have sanctioned for using the black hat tactics. 

6 Red Flags You are Hiring a Wrong SEO Agency

3. Ask for local SEO results

If the SEO agency cannot provide some local SEO results, then their performance is questionable. Indeed, reports for general SEO can go a long way when proving the efficacies of the agency. Still, they should have at least a few local works.  

Check if the agency has taken some specific local raking steps. Make sure you check the local SEO results critically and also compare them with general SEO. An SEO report is not helpful for you if the agency can’t tell you specific things you need to be doing to complement the efforts. 

Your SEO agency should be able to do the local work or, better still, know someone who can do it better. Meanwhile, the agency might factor the cost of local SEO works into the overall cost, making the service slightly more expensive. You must be ready to pay. After all, a low-budget SEO doesn’t bring good results.

4. Guarantee is a scam 

If the SEO heroes agency consistently assures that your website will be at the top of major search engines, know that you are dealing with the wrong agency. Don’t hire any SO agency that gives you the guarantee of top rankings in the shortest time possible. They only want to scam you. 

For the records, no search engine reveals the secret behind their rankings. And, no SEO agency knows a sure way to get your website on top of another. Think about it; virtually every website is into SEO practices. How can someone be sure his own SE campaign is so great that it would cripple other websites’ efforts? Watch out for guarantees. It’s one of the most vivid scams in the SEO industry.

6 Red Flags You are Hiring a Wrong SEO Agency

5. Promising backlinks in hundreds 

It’s good to get several high-quality links quickly, and it is indeed possible. However, when an SEO agency promises to give you hundreds of links in a few days, you must ask a few questions. 

Are the links natural? Do the links lead to relaxants sites? Are they high-quality links? You must ask these critical questions when an agency promises you tons of backlinks. Remember that the number of quality backlinks is not what matters; their quality is what counts. 

6. Check if they have secret gimmicks

SEO is complex. Also, it is not stable in terms of principles and methodologies. By implication, no one can boast of having a permanent winning strategy. 

It is wrong for any agency to prove that they have a secret method that has been working for them for ages. How can an agency claim to have a pattern that works in an ever-changing environment? It is nothing but a scam. 

In Conclusion

Choosing the wrong SEO can cost your business more than you can ever think. Hence, you need to look for red flags to determine whether the agency you are about to hire with your money or not. Every SEO agency is trying to win you to their side, and they will do everything they can to convince you. It is in your capacity to make the right decision. Being mindful of the above warning signs will save you from making a bad deal.

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO for Startup SEO Agency

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO for Startup SEO Agency

You might need to learn to take the bull by the horns if you are just starting your SEO practices as an SEO agency. With that, I mean, you can learn about how local SEO works and use that opportunity to penetrate the industry. 

Although, general SEO counts a lot. But, local seo is the real deal. That’s where you have the opportunity to work with a startup business operating in an office made with bricks and mortar. Also, working with local companies will help you build a winning profile that can land you a profitable business partnership on a long-term basis. 

And, it doesn’t end there.

Every serious client would ask an SEO agency to present a report of the previous successful local SEO campaign. If you have something flashy to tender in that regard, your agency is already ranking organically, even offline. 

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If you have taken notes, you will discover that about 48% of online keyword searches involve local information. By implication, learning how to optimize a business for local searches will make it easier for your client to reach local customers. That’s not all; up to 79% of local searches persuade searchers to visit the company to make actual purchases. 

How does that sound? Do you know how many conversions you would help your client to make if you can master your local SEO craft? That’s what you are to learn in this article. We are ready to walk you through the practical process to get the maximum result for local SEO, even as you are just starting up as an SEO agency

Here are the tips in steps:

Best Tips to Boost Local SEO and Get Measurable Results 

1. Optimize Google Business profile 

The local SEO journey starts with having a business profile. As expected, your client would have gotten a registered business name. So, you can use that to begin the local SEO Heroes

Google offers the Google Business Profile as a free service (but your client doesn’t need to know that). The service allows SEO agencies to help business owners to create a business profile and set it up with relevant information. When setting up the business profile, you will need your client’s business name, logo, address, contact information, products/services description, finished work photos, artworks, and more. 

You can also pad the content with optimized keywords to help your client’s business rank for relevant searches. 

Google’s responsibility is to display the business profile you created as part of the search engine result page (SERP), which appears at the top of the search results. Optimizing a business profile increases the business’s chances of being featured in the list of most sought-after companies on the search result page.

Make sure you keep a watch on the performance of the business and dare to update the information from time to time to keep up with the current trends and most sought keywords.

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO for Startup SEO Agency

2. Leverage on local keywords and relevant searches

No SEO agency can play with the impact of keywords in search engine optimization. And, you should neither take it with levity.

Indeed, keywords are your magical short phrases to win massive traffic in relevant searches. Most importantly, you will need proper use of keywords to capture the local markets. Local keywords are the search phrases that show a location keyword, such as local name, county, state, or country. You can also leverage other keywords that don’t contain a specific location but some personalized words like nearby, near me, or close by. As far as Google is concerned, those keywords carry location targets.

Optimized local keywords will rank your client’s business website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and drive massive traffic to the website. Primarily, local keywords aid conversion rate, and that’s among the significant yardsticks clients use to measure the expertise of an SEO agency. 

You must research the most visited websites, local client browsing patterns, and most searched keywords and language to get it right. You must also dare to understand how your client’s target audience searches for information online. That will help you to incorporate relevant local keywords across all platforms easily. Google needs location-related keywords to know that you are targeting local users.

A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO for Startup SEO Agency

3. Create SEO-optimized content

Every potential client is looking for a business that can solve one problem. So, even if your SEO gimmicks bring them to your website, they might not stay for the next two seconds if they can’t find what they want. And that would increase the website’s bounce rate drastically. 

It is part of your job as an SEO agency to make sure your client provides high-quality content that can solve problems. Ideally, you should have included the content part in the overall cost. The reason is that you’re your client would have believed in your competence before hiring you for the SEO job. 

Since you are a startup SEO agency, it is possible you dint have in-house content creators. In that case, you can hire experienced freelance SEO content creators to give you some problem-solving content that can earn brand loyalty. Take note that most of your SEO content must target local users. 

4. Build high-quality links

Have you learned how to build relevant links? That’s one of the essentials of a bankable SEO agency. The link structure aids in better on-page navigation and user experience. You can also leverage inbound links from numerous authority websites to gain traffic. While building a link structure, ensure it features high-quality internal and external links. And, always remember that Google value inbound links.

5. Make a local SEO audit 

You need an expert SEO auditor, even as a startup SEO agency. During the audit, you will carefully examine the different aspects of the optimization process. Some crucial things you do when auditing a local SEO include links, content, keywords, web features, website speed, user experience, and more. An SEO audit’s ultimate goal is to evaluate your SEO efforts’ performance.


The local SEO tips will help get good results that motivate your clients to recommend you for more patronage. It can also help boost your performance, improve your image as an SEO agency and help you generate more leads for your business. If you can master your local SEO craft to the depth, you will compete at the top level with big players in the SEO industry.

Affordable and best SEO Agency in Sydney

Affordable and best SEO Agency in Sydney

SEO services are becoming something expensive these days. There are countless people out there looking for SEO Agency that will deliver the best service at an affordable price. Are you just planning to invest and want your website to join other ranked sites to be on the leading page on search engines? Of course, we understand that you don’t have much. So, we took it up as our responsibility to carefully pick out the best and most affordable SEO Agencies that can help you rank your website.

If you are based in Sydney, this good news is for you. With this article, you will not need to struggle or look elsewhere for help. You can get a best seo company australia right there. 

However, we acknowledge that even in Sydney, many SEO agencies exist. We mean agencies that are active and thriving in the SEO world. But we will discuss the affordable ones here. Perhaps would-be investors that want to venture into the business will not run away with the cost of maximizing a website. There’s no cause for alarm. The world is going digital, and we hope you would agree with us that online marketing is even growing to be more competitive these days. So, trust us in getting the best for you.  

Therefore, we believe that with the SEO agencies we want to discuss, your business will grow, and you’ll see results beyond expression. However, you have a role to play. Your part is to shun all interruptions and follow us closely. Learn more red flags you are hiring a wrong SEO agency.

Hence, before we reveal those companies to you, there’s a need for us to briefly talk about the meaning of SEO and what an SEO Agency is. You need to have a piece of background knowledge of what we are talking about.

Affordable and best SEO Agency in Sydney

What is SEO? 

The websites that Google suggests to you anytime you search anything on it is a result of SEO works on those websites. SEO means search engine optimization. SEO involves a technical and tactical way of making or ranking a website to be available to its right audience. With SEO works, a website will be ranked on search engines, and it will be available for its potential clients. Search Engine Optimization is a unique tool suitable to help websites to be on the first page of search engines. 

What is SEO Agency?

An SEO Agency is a Company that works on a website. They incorporate or add in some tactical stuff to ensure that a website appears on the first page of search engines. They are well trained and have a unique way of integrating keywords in the content in a website to rank it. 

Affordable SEO Agency in Sydney

What next? After knowing the meaning of search engine optimization, the next thing is to move straight to explain those SEO Agencies that are affordable and yet deliver the best SEO service. 

  1. Wix website design & Expert SEO Agency: This Company is based in Sydney. And we can assure you that you’ll get the best of SEO from this unique Company. Do you want to start online marketing, and you want an improvement on a website? Do you want to see your site on the first page on search engines like Google? There’s no other Agency that can help you except Wix website design and expert SEO Agency. They are not new in the SEO world. They have done a series of work in Sydney and beyond. So, you’re in safe hands. You will never regret striking a deal with this SEO expert. Contact them today and see your site flying so high. 
  1. MindArc: If you’re based in New South Wales, Sydney, this SEO Agency will be of help to you. MindArc is a sound web designer that has helped rank many websites that belongs to people in Sydney and beyond. If you want a reliable Company with a professional touch on your website, you need to consider working with MindArc. Honestly, we believe you won’t regret working with this SEO expert. You can also visit their official website to check out positive reviews. MindArc has been operating perfectly and actively in the SEO world for years. So, when it comes to SEO strategies that can make things work, you can confide in them.
Affordable and best SEO Agency in Sydney
  1. Safari Digital SEO Agency: Safari digital SEO Agency is a great Company that has been in operation for three years. Ever since then, this SEO Agency has maintained great integrity. If you want a soft touch that’ll catapult your website to be on the first page on search engines, you need to take some time to check out what Safari digital SEO Agency has to offer. Honestly, you can trust this Company. We can see your business growing large as you’re planning to contact this Company. Therefore, choosing Safari digital will be a great choice if you want an affordable SEO service. What are you waiting for? Connect with this Company today and be glad you did. 
  1. SEO North Sydney Pty Ltd: Those based in North Sydney, Australia, should shout for joy. It is a great thing to have this competent SEO expert based in Sydney. Hence, it is good to use this opportunity wisely. This unique Company is one of the top leading Companies that provide accurate SEO services in Sydney. With this Company, your website will start competing with other websites. It is a good thing to hear this information. This unique SEO Agency has been operating actively in the SEO industry for over two decades. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how perfect their professional touch to your site will generate massive traffic that will convert to sales? Would you contact them today? 

On a final note

Dear reader, we hope you’ve seen something igniting. And we hope you will make the right choice. Remember, there are countless SEO experts out there. But the ones provided here are tested and trusted. You don’t need to stress yourself again. Contact any of these companies, and you’ll be glad you did.